USB OTG Connectors

USB On-The-Go (OTG) Compatible Smartphones & Tablets
Your Android Security Pack includes two special USB OTG connectors that connects between your device and the included LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive® of your choice.

LOK-IT Android Security Pack only works with USB OTG compatible smartphones and tablets.
Check the list below to see if yours is on it.

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy Note I
Samsung Galaxy SII
Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Huawei Asend D
Motorola Droid RAZR
LG Optimus G
Huawei Asend D1
pantech Vega R3
Icemobile Galaxy Prime
Sony Xperia
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Ativ Tab
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7
Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
Acer Iconia Tab
Asus Vivo Tab TR
Huawei Media Pad
Sony Tablet
Toshiba Excite 10
If you use any of the devices above, our Android Security Pack is a perfect complement for secure portable storage!
What if my Android device is not on the list above?
This list is not definitive, so you should perform an online search for your device name and USB OTG. Some devices, like Google Nexus 7 are USB OTG compatible for some peripheral devices, but not USB storage devices. These are not included on the list.
Do I need a USB OTG connector?
If your device is USB OTG compatible, you next should determine if a connector is needed at all. Do you see a full size USB port on your device? If so, then no connector is needed. Otherwise, you will need a special USB OTG connector. USB OTG connector look like normal power connector, but they are slightly different internally and allow USB OTG communication. There are two main types of USB OTG connectors, a thin but wide 30 pin connector and a much smaller 5 pin connector. Whichever it is, it doesn’t matter because BOTH types are included in your LOK-IT Android Security Pack!
Do I need the LOK-IT File Sync app in order to use LOK-IT with my Android device?
LOK-IT can be used with your device without the app. The LOK-IT File Sync app simply makes it much easier and faster to transfer, copy and synchronize files. No need to deal with clunky file manager apps anymore.